• 09/December/2020 Press release

    Xenoma Reveals the Oxygen Level inside a Mask - Some Cases Went Below Safety Limit, which may Cause a Loss of Concentration -

  • 13/October/2020 Press release

    Xenoma Makes Cough Generating Machine to Measure Droplets - Experiment Started on the Spread of Droplets while Wearing a Mask -

  • 11/September/2020 Press release

    Smart Apparel Startup Xenoma Raised Funds from a Pharmaceutical Company and a CRO Company

  • 20/July/2020 Press release

    Donation of IoT Air Conditioning Mats to Prevent Heat Stroke in the Elderly

  • 15/July/2020 Press release

    Donation of Protective Clothing to Elderly Care Homes - In Support of Countermeasures against the Re-expansion of COVID-19

  • 01/June/2020 Press release

    Smart apparel company Xenoma raised funds through additional investment by AOKI and TOYOSHIMA

  • 29/May/2020 Press release

    Sales of smart pajamas that design beautiful sleeping habits "Digital Health Care Pajamas" to start June 12. - Xenoma collaboration with URBAN RESEARCH.

  • 07/May/2020 Press release

    Smart Apparel Company Xenoma Revamps Corporate Logo- Fifth anniversary, new logo based on the image of "trust"

  • 13/April/2020 Press release

    Response to COVID-19 Disease: A Message from CEO Ichiro Amimori

  • 06/March/2020 Press release

    Smart Apparel Solution for Safer Traffic - Xenoma and Shinki Bus Group have just entered the testing stage for their brand-new smart apparel-based drowsiness alarm system