• 27/October/2021 Press release

    Xenoma Starts Advanced Sales of a New Online Fitness Product “e-skin EMStyle Personal”

  • 14/May/2021 Press release

    Xenoma Opens EMS Training Studio “EMStyle On” in Ebisu, Tokyo - Online training and live-streamed classes will also be provided from the studio. -

  • 01/April/2021 Press release

    EMS Online Fitness Add-On for Remote Workers at a Hotel - Day trip plan starts at 3 hotels operated by Minacia to help rejuvenate remote workers. -

  • 11/January/2021 Press release

    Xenoma’s CES Exhibit to Showcase ‘e-skin EMStyle,’ Electrical Muscle Stimulation Suit that Lets a Fitness Trainer Buzz Your Body - The suit enables trainers to provide personalized services while social-distancing. -