e-skin MEVA is the world's easiest and highly accurate inertial motion capture system. It can be used anytime, anywhere, with no camera required. 7 IMUs are mounted on the garment for the lower-body version and 18 IMUs for the full-body version, allowing measurement to begin within 30 seconds. e-skin MEVA has the same accuracy as gold standard optical motion capture systems, including highly sensitive detection of internal and external rotational movement of the limbs. Post processing of data is not necessary, which significantly reduces the cost and time required for producing analysis results. e-skin MEVA clothing can also be easily worn by the elderly, thus expanding the range of users.

Features of e-skin MEVA

  • Ready in just 30 seconds

    It is hassle-free to set up.

  • No camera and studio needed

    e-skin MEVA can be used anywhere (indoor and outdoor), and by anyone – it does not require any special training.

  • No tedious and time-consuming post-processing

    As soon as measurement starts, kinematic motion is animated in 3D bone model on a PC and monitored in real time.
    Results are available immediately after measurement.

  • Capturing natural movement without markers

    Sensors are embedded in the fabric.
    They do not protrude or hinder natural body movement.

Conventional optical motion capture analysis software can also be used

  • Musculoskeletal modeling motion analysis softwarenMotion musculous

    3D motion data / marker data from the e-skin MEVA system can be exported to Musculoskeletal modeling motion analysis software to analyze muscles and skeletons from various angles.

  • Motion analysis softwareVisual3D

    Kinematics analysis to determine joint position and posture from motion capture data, as well as kinetics analysis to determine the force applied to joints can be performed.

Image courtesy of NAC Image Technology, Inc.

Customer support and maintenance

  • Worry-free use

    We have established a support team in order to promptly respond to any problems or questions you may have.

  • Easy to clean

    If the product gets dirty due to perspiration or prolonged use, it can be washed by hand* with a neutral detergent at home.

    Bleaching and tumble drying are not possible.