Message from the CEO

Achieving true preventive medicine
using technology that allows anyone
to measure medical data

If we could "wear" sensors as a clothing all over the body, it would revolutionize healthcare data measurement.

I was fascinated by the possibilities of stretchable electronic circuits when I participated in the University of Tokyo/JST ERATO Someya Bio-Harmonic Electronics Project in 2014 before starting Xenoma.

Our smart apparel e-skin is a clothing-type IoT device that is machine washable and comfortable to wear.

Since e-skin has a feature that it enables everyone to measure medical data correctly without any special skill or knowledge just by wearing it, we have developed a 3-lead electrocardiograph shirt that allows patients to test themselves at home and launched the ambulatory ECG monitoring mail service in May 2022.

Xenoma will be a driving force for the spread of medical testing at home and not only contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular and other diseases but also strive to realize the true preventive medicine that can prevent onset by catching signs utilizing our data analysis technology.

Ichiro Amimori

Our Team

Company Profile

Company Name
Xenoma Inc.
November 2015
Head Office
4-6-15, Omoriminami, Ota-ku, Tokyo
JPY 100 million
Main Business
Providing healthcare services using smart apparel e-skin


Who are the employees that turn this unique core technology into a globally successful business?
They are globally minded and diverse, proactive, and independent, highly communicative, and eager to broaden their own scope of expertise.