e-skin makes everyone’s life

Get preventive medical care
without changing your
daily life.

Smart apparel "e-skin" aims to create a world
where reliable healthcare services are provided
just by wearing normal clothing.

Why is it clothing?

Clothing is the first thing you wear every day. It means that clothing is the most natural thing for people to wear without changing existing lifestyles when it becomes the same as what you wear today.

Another important thing is that clothing can cover most part of the body and therefore it is suitable for collecting multimodal healthcare data to provide a higher level of services and treatment. Since the data obtained from smart apparel will be more in quantity and higher in quality, the value will be further increased by big data analysis by AI.

Technology for smart apparel

Xenoma has developed PCF*1, a technology to create a circuit on a fabric which is highly durable and machine washable using their stretchable electronics technology*2. In spite that conductive materials generally do not go well with water or stretching, PCF technology enables e-skin to stably integrate multiple sensors and devices as well as to be worn comfortably.

  • PCF (Printed Circuit Fabric) is named after PCB (Printed Circuit Board) because it is a fabric-based PCB.
  • Xenoma is a spin-off startup from Someya Lab in the University of Tokyo.

NewsAmbulatory ECG Monitoring
e-skin ECG

Xenoma has developed a clothing-type 3-lead ambulatory ECG monitoring system in collaboration with Keio University Hospital. It can be worn and measured by patients themselves without any special knowledge or skills, it eliminates the need for healthcare professionals to attach and detach the electrodes, which can decrease the number of hospital visits for patients. It also freed from cumbersome cables and heavy devices.

The e-skin ECG monitoring is covered by insurance in Japan.