Donation of IoT Air Conditioning Mats to Prevent Heat Stroke in the Elderly

Tokyo, Japan, July 20, 2020 - The developer of the smart apparel brand 'e-skin' Xenoma Inc. (HQ: Tokyo, Japan, short: Xenoma) has donated 10 IoT Air-conditioning Mats FUMIN X as disaster relief after Kyushu's torrential rain in July 2020.

Xenoma is a start-up company from the University of Tokyo that provides products and services to help manage the health of the elderly, such as monitoring and rehabilitation, as well as a system to support monitoring of afternoon naps in nursery schools.
In the aftermath of the corona crisis, the company has been supporting social service providers by distributing missing supplies such as 30,000 masks and protective clothing free of charge.

The healthcare companies see great potential not only in the e-skin technology itself but also in the detailed big data collected by e-skin products to detect early signs of diseases. Ichiro Amimori, Co-Founder & CEO of Xenoma said, “We are encouraged by the strengthening of our collaboration with these healthcare companies, which enables us to make significant progress toward our goal of data-driven preventive medicine.”

The beneficiary of the donation is the private nursing home operator UKISHIRO CARE CENTER Co.,Ltd. which is currently housing elderly victims of the disaster free of charge. Xenoma hopes that this donation will not only help the nursing home operators but also directly support the affected elderly victims.

We hope for the earliest possible recovery and reconstruction of the affected areas.