Smart Apparel Startup Xenoma Raised Funds from a Pharmaceutical Company and a CRO Company

Tokyo, Japan, September 11, 2020 - Xenoma, a leading smart apparel startup, announced that it has received investments from Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, an innovative pharmaceutical company in Japan, and EPS Holdings, Inc., a leading CRO company in Asia to build partnerships in the healthcare industry. Xenoma will accelerate its business to achieve preventive medicine based on evidence data.

Xenoma’s ‘e-skin’ is the smart apparel technology that creates a multi-modal sensor infrastructure which is light, comfortable, durable, and machine-washable. As stated in the corporate vision “e-skin makes everyone’s life HAPPIER and HEALTHIER” Xenoma provides e-skin products and services for users’ well-being and happiness in everyday life, leading to a safe and healthy world. The lineup includes sleep monitoring pajamas “e-skin Sleep,” “e-skin EMStyle” for efficient fitness training, and the smart motion capture system “e-skin MEVA.”

The healthcare companies see great potential not only in the e-skin technology itself but also in the detailed big data collected by e-skin products to detect early signs of diseases. Ichiro Amimori, Co-Founder & CEO of Xenoma said, “We are encouraged by the strengthening of our collaboration with these healthcare companies, which enables us to make significant progress toward our goal of data-driven preventive medicine.”

The raised funds are to be used for global user acquisition, building healthcare big data through it, and the development of a preventive healthcare service based on the data.

About Xenoma

Xenoma develops the next-generation smart apparel ‘e-skin’ to provide well-being and happiness in your daily life. Tracking various data anytime and anywhere on the whole body, e-skin is one of the most ideal interfaces to monitor activities and vital signs. The special flexibility and comfort of the e-skin technology makes it possible to track and capture the user’s natural and unhindered performance.

About Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., headquartered in Osaka, Japan, is an R&D-oriented pharmaceutical company committed to creating innovative medicines in specific areas. It focuses especially on the oncology, autoimmune disease, neurology and specialty areas.
For more information, please visit the company’s website at

About EPS Holdings, Inc.

Since its establishment in 1991 as one of the pioneering CROs, EPS Group has been a healthcare solution provider to pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, hospitals, clinics, and academia with various solutions from clinical development to marketing, sales, consultation, and new values created in big data & AI, regenerative medicine, etc.