e-skin EMStyle

Wear stylish, be stylish

Gain the results of a full body workout in a 20-minute exercise session with the cableless e-skin EMStyle suit.


3 reasons for
e-skin EMStyle

  • Extra durable
  • Highly effective
  • Flexible training options

e-skin EMStyle: Whole-body EMS suit ​

Gain the results of a full body workout in a 20-minute exercise session with the cableless e-skin EMStyle suit.​

EMStyle Hub

The EMStyle hub connector snaps easily on and off. Tested over 4400 times to ensure it will not wear out on you no matter how often you train.

e-skin EMStyle Personal
For personal and remote training​

  • At a safe distance:​
    Train remotely at home​

  • Easy and hygenic:
    Train – wash – train again​

  • Always on schedule:​
    Train when and where YOU want​

The EMStyle Apps: Always in control​

Don't limit yourself to lessons at your local EMS studio. Start training outside, at home or at any gym of your choice with your own personal EMS suit. Perfect for remote training with your favorite trainer's guidance.​

The EMStyle Personal app

No need for any external controlling devices. Just download the e-skin EMStyle Personal app on your smartphone and start training!​

e-skin EMStyle Professional

e-skin EMStyle Professional
The solution for gyms and personal trainers​​

  • Professional guidance:​
    EMStyle Manager for trainers​​

  • Individual personalization:​
    EMStyle Controller for each user​​

  • Flexible system:
    Use for single or group training​​

Efficient on all levels

Use any empty space or existing equipment for your EMS trainings. The 20-minute sessions make optimal use of both your trainers' and your customers' time.​​

The EMStyle Apps: Always in control​

Set the stimulation intensity through the EMStyle Apps. The EMStyle Manager for trainers controls the settings for all training session members at once, while the EMStyle Controller allows each member to further personalize their own settings.​



e-skin EMStyle

whole-body EMS suit, professional and personal edition
0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
24 electrodes:
chest (4), abdomen (4), back (2), left arm (2), right arm (2), hip (2), left thigh (4), right thigh (4)

e-skin EMStyle Hub

about H103mm×W63mm×D33mm
Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Input for charging:
Micro USB2.0 Micro-B
Bluetooth 5


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