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Xenoma Opens EMS Training Studio “EMStyle On” in Ebisu, Tokyo
Online training and live-streamed classes will also be provided from the studio.

TOKYO (May 14, 2021) – Xenoma Inc., a smart apparel startup, opens EMS Training Studio “EMStyle On” for users try out one of their products “e-skin EMStyle Personal”. e-skin EMStyle suits provide electrical stimulation to a wearer’s body via 24 electrodes, so the body can gain the effects of a full length workout from just 20 minutes of light exercise. Users can drop by the EMStyle On studio after work or between their shopping trips on weekends.

At EMStyle On, Xenoma provides personal training sessions for trainers as well as users to experience the effectiveness of EMS training. The studio is a 2 minute-walk from Ebisu station, one of the most famous stations in Tokyo. With the experienced personal trainer’s guidance for both training and the EMS volume control, visitors will experience a highly customized training session that allows them to get the best results for their individual needs.

For home fitness use, EMStyle On is used not only as a studio for the recording and streaming of its training contents but also for online training sessions. Using e-skin EMStyle suits the users can go through a high-intensity work out without any additional equipment. With EMStyle’s “Remote Assist” function, created by Xenoma to enable trainers to remotely control user’s EMS volumes, users can gain higher satisfaction and better results from their training sessions at home.

Features of “EMStyle On”

  • Opening Date: May 14, 2021
  • Studio Name: EMStyle On – EMS Training Studio –
  • Address: #308 1-8-2, Ebisu-Nishi, Shibuya City, Tokyo (2 minute-walk from Ebisu station)
  • Business Hours: 10am-10pm, Monday-Sunday
  • Services: 1) EMS personal training 2) EMS Remote Assist online training (starting July 2021) 3) live streamed training contents
  • Reservation form:
  • Inquiries:

About the e-skin series

Xenoma’s e-skin line includes e-skin Sleep & Lounge, smart apparel for monitoring the health of seniors, and “e-skin MEVA,” which tracks body movements without cameras. All these products aim to collect accurate key data via a whole-body sensor network built into regular clothing for daily use to use that data to provide optimal health solutions.

About Xenoma Inc.

Xenoma develops the next-generation smart apparel ‘e-skin’ to provide well-being and happiness in your daily life. Tracking various data anytime and anywhere on the whole body, e-skin is one of the most ideal interfaces to monitor activities and vital signs. The special flexibility and comfort of the e-skin technology makes it possible to track and capture the user’s natural and unhindered performance.