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EMS Online Fitness Add-On for Remote Workers at a Hotel
Day trip plan starts at 3 hotels operated by Minacia to help rejuvenate remote workers.

TOKYO (April 1, 2021) – Xenoma Inc., a smart apparel startup, and Minacia co., ltd., a hotel chain operator started the “EMStyle On Plan” which provides day trip stays and an online fitness trial using an EMS (electric muscle stimulation) suit at a hotel for those who have become less physically active due to the current WFH (working from home) trend.

In response to the Covid-19 situation more and more companies have switched to remote work resulting in workers struggling with an increased lack of exercise and weight gain. As some companies bear some costs for remote work for those who do not have an appropriate work environment at home, the number of people working in hotel rooms is increasing, since they can have a private space with a Wi-Fi network. Based on those changing societal needs, 3 hotels belonging to Hotel Wing Chain in Tokyo have started a day trip stay plan with an online EMS fitness trial called “EMStyle On Plan” so that the user can enjoy an exercise session between or after their remote working time as well as a refreshing workout on the weekends.

Xenoma’s e-skin EMStyle used for the “EMStyle On Plan” is a training suit that integrates EMS technology to enable the user to get the benefits of a full workout in just 20 minutes. EMS is a trusted technology in the rehabilitation industry used to strengthen the muscles, and e-skin EMStyle is designed to be safe and easy to use for first time users.

For the user of the EMStyle On Plan, their room will be equipped with an e-skin EMStyle suit. The user will be able to not only spend their time as they usually do in the hotel but also enjoy an online fitness session and take a shower afterwards as they please. They can choose between their preferred video contents e.g. boxercise and Pilates* as well as being able to connect online with a trainer in real-time to achieve a more effective workout.

*For first time users, a trainer will support and give instructions for their safety and effectiveness.

Overview of “EMStyle On Plan”

  • Period: April 1-30
  • Hotels:
    • Hotel Wing International Select Ikebukuro
    • Hotel Wing International Select Ueno-Okachimachi
    • Hotel Wing International Shimbashi-Onarimon
  • Price: 9,000 JPY +tax for 12 hour stay / 5,000 JPY +tax for 4 hour stay
  • Reservation forms:
Select Ikebukuro
Select Ueno-Okachimachi

About Xenoma Inc.

Xenoma is a Tokyo-based smart apparel startup that aims to provide technological solutions for a healthier and happier life. Xenoma’s e-skin line includes e-skin Sleep & Lounge, smart apparel for monitoring the health of seniors, and “e-skin MEVA,” which tracks body movements.

About Minacia co.,ltd.

Minacia operates 5,026 rooms in 38 hotels in a total of 4 brands, Hotel International, Hotel International Premium, Hotel International Select and Tenza Hotel. Minacia aims to operate hotels that are loved by the community by welcoming guests though warm hearted "omotenashi".