Press release

Smart apparel company Xenoma raised funds through additional investment by AOKI and TOYOSHIMA

Tokyo, Japan, June 1, 2020 - The developer of the smart apparel brand 'e-skin' Xenoma Inc. (HQ: Tokyo, Japan, short: Xenoma) announced that it has raised capital through additional CVC funding from AOKI Inc. (HQ: Kanagawa Japan, short: AOKI), a leading menswear company, and the CVC fund managed by TOYOSHIMA & CO.,LTD. (HQ: Aichi, Japan, shot: TOYOSHIMA), a leading textile trading company. Xenoma plans to advance the smart apparel business and further strengthen the cooperation between the three companies to realize a healthier and more prosperous society.

Xenoma's corporate vision is "e-skin makes everyone's life HAPPIER and HEALTHIER." e-skin is wearable IoT clothing that collects healthcare data simply by wearing it. Xenoma is aiming for a future where everyone in the world wears e-skin for their own health care.

AOKI and TOYOSHIMA are looking forward to the creation of added value in the form of smart apparel and its positive impact on the fashion industry, while also putting a major focus on health management, amplified in response to the recent spread of new coronavirus infections.

Since the last business alliance, these three companies have been working together to develop applications and businesses for e-skin by leveraging their unique strengths, including Xenoma's technology, AOKI's branding and sales capabilities, and TOYOSHIMA's production capabilities. The subsequent launch of "e-skin products that are integrated into everyday life" such as smart pajamas and EMS suits are a big step towards the realization of their future vision.

This additional investment will accelerate the smart apparel business and further strengthen the shared goal of realizing a healthier and more prosperous society.

About AOKI Inc.

In 1958, "Yofuku no AOKI" was established in Nagano Prefecture. As a men's and women's specialty store, we have developed two brands, AOKI and ORIHICA, which giving customers "Pleasure of dressing well" from business wear to formal and casual wear. Based on the concept of "made from yarn," we develop products that meet the diverse needs of our customers and provide them with the clothes that will add color to their life scenes.


Founded in 1841, the company has expanded its business areas in response to changes in the times over its nearly 180-year history. Today, the company is involved in the purchase and sale of raw materials, yarns, and fabrics from all over the world, as well as a series of processes from planning to production management and delivery of final products, and is developing a comprehensive business in all processes of the Japanese fashion industry. In addition, as a company that develops and provides a variety of sustainable materials, invests in tech ventures, and promotes the development of smart wear, we have adopted "MY WILL" as our statement, which expresses our stance on sustainability and technology.