Press release

Smart Apparel Company Xenoma Revamps Corporate Logo- Fifth anniversary, new logo based on the image of "trust"

Tokyo, Japan, May 7, 2020 - The developer of the smart apparel brand 'e-skin' Xenoma Inc. (HQ: Tokyo, Japan, short: Xenoma) celebrated its fifth anniversary this year and renewed its corporate logo on Thursday, May 7.

Xenoma was established in November 2015 as a spin-off from the University of Tokyo and JST/ERATO Someya Bio-Harmonized Electronics Project with the aim of creating social value through advanced technology. Since then, we have been developing the smart apparel e-skin under our corporate vision of "e-skin makes everyone's life HAPPIER and HEALTHIER."

Now that we have celebrated our fifth anniversary and have more than 40 employees, we feel that we are finally at the starting point for realizing our goals. We decided to take this opportunity to renew our corporate logo with the aim of becoming a more reliable company for our business partners and for society as a whole.

The new logo was designed with the image of "trust" in mind.

The company name comes from the prefix "xeno" which means foreign or strange combined with "ma" which are common letters to man and machine.

Staying true to our company name, we will continue to strive for the realization of preventive medicine through our smart apparel e-skin as a new and unique interface that connects people and devices.