Developing apps
Develop your own applications. e-skin Developer's Kit (e-skin DK) tracks user's
movement using 14 strain sensors on a fabric and includes usage of SDK.
Caring for Infants
Remotely monitor your infant. e-skin baby wear or a wearable device
informs you of your infant's posture, breathing and other vitals.
For athletes
Get insights for higher performance. e-skin IMU shirt and pants captures
your motion in 3D to check real-time and compare progress.
For drummers
Play drums anytime, anywhere. 6 touch sensors in e-skin drum pants
enables drummers to practice without using their instruments.
Preventing accidents
Maintain safe driving environment. e-skin undershirt monitors
vitals and arm movements to alert drowsy and distracted drivers.
For IoT factories
Increase factory worker efficiency. e-skin IMU shirt and pants
track user's motion without restricting movements.
For comfortable sleep
Improve your sleep environment. e-skin ankle band automatically
controls air conditioner depending on your external ankle temperature.
For rehabilitation
Recover faster. e-skin IMU shirt, pants or arm sleeve enables
you to check your training effectiveness at home.