e-skin Developer’s Kit available to order
Xenoma's e-skin camera-free motion capture shirt enables a new generation in user experiences
As a game controller
Imagine a full immersion experience
As a personal trainer
Imagine improving form in any sport
As a workplace assistant
Imagine a helping aide for industrial safety and training

e-skin Shirt

The 14 strain sensors strategically placed on the e-skin shirt monitor user's body movement such as bending, stretching and twisting joints. The shirt is machine washable and compression fit.


* Other sizes will launch soon.


* e-skin for women will launch soon.

e-skin Hub

A centralized hub communicates with shirt and transmits information via Bluetooth.

    Bluetooth v2.1Frame rate: 60 fps (Developer’s Kit also supports 30, 10 and 1 fps)3 Axis Accelerometer
    3 Axis Gyro sensorMicro USB port for re-charging4 hour battery life (at 60 fps)

Software Development Kit (SDK)

The e-skin SDK enables you to create apps for Windows and Android by C# and the Unity game development engine.

The SDK comes with APIs to identify example movements such as running, jumping, punching and those to get values of each sensor including strain sensors, accelerometer and gyro sensor, sample applications using those APIs, and the developer's guide.

e-skin DK
  • e-skin shirt (MEN, S)
  • e-skin Hub
  • SDK with documents, sample code and blog updates to support your development
  • $5,000/set