About e-skin Personal license

e-skin Personal may not be used by:

  1. a Commercial Entity that has either: (a) reached annual gross revenues in excess of US$100,000, or (b) raised funds (including but not limited to crowdfunding) in excess of US$100,000, in each case during the most recently completed fiscal year; or
  2. a Non-Commercial Entity (this means academic and governmental entities as defined below) with a total annual budget in excess of US$100,000 (for the entire Non-Commercial Entity (not just a department)) for the most recently completed fiscal year.

If you fall under above condition(s), please purchase e-skin Enterprise.

Note: The regulatory certification is obtained (or planned to be obtained) in below areas. When you publish your e-skin app(s) outside of below areas, please make sure to be compliant with applicable local laws and regulations.

  1. Asia: Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea
  2. North America: USA, Canada
  3. Europe: EU