Smart Apparel Customization Service

With Xenoma PCF (= Printed Circuit Fabric: a new electronic circuit board with stretchable wires and sensors formed on conventional cloth), Xenoma offers customization service smart apparel for healthcare, fitness, entertainment, manufacturing and other industries.

* According to requests, Xenoma tries to install other sensors.

▶Hardware (clothing + Hub) and Software Development Kit (SDK) as deliverables, and applications as necessary.

Standard Procedure for Customization Service

Deliverables and procedures will be individually decided according to the requirements and situations.

Please feel free to contact us from below inquiry form.

Phase 1 Feasibility Study
【Objective】Feasibility study focused on fuctionalities of smart apparel through prototyping
【Typical Deliverables】Prototyped Suits, Hub and app for pulling sensor data
【Typical Cost】$30 k ~ 100 k

Phase 2 Service or Business Launch
【Objective】Development of smart apparel, Hub and application for commercialization
【Typical Deliverables】Refined smart apparel, Hub and application
【Typical Cost】$100 k~

Phase 3 Mass Production
【Objective】Xenoma supplies customized smart apparel for mass production.
【Unit Price】$100 ~ 1,000/set * Cost will change depending on spec. and sales volume

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